How to Cook Spring Rolls and Garlic Sauce

How to make Veg Spring Roll

Spring Rolls are the best starters for any dinner party or tea time party it is loved by everyone. Crispy Spring Rolls are not only easy to prepare but also healthy to have and make your starter dish look more yummy and delicious. Thus check out with this Superb Spring Rolls Recipe with Garlic Sauce.

Prep Time: 30 Mins Cooking Time: 15 Mins Servings: 20 to 25 

Cuisine: Indian, Course: Snacks.

NOTE: Ingredients for Spring Rolls and Garlic Sauce are mention below Once go through the Recipe before preparing.

Let’s Start Making Spring Rolls

Step 1: In a pan heat oil and add Ginger & Garlic paste and fry it for just a few seconds before it started getting dark then add Onion and let it turn light brown.

Step 2: Now add Chilli Sauce, Sesame Oil, Soya Sauce and Vinegar and mix it well for few minutes.

Step 3: Once the vegetables are slightly cooked add Hoisin Sauce, Fresh Coriander and fry it well and at last add salt as per your taste.

Step 4: To make a sticky paste for sealing the end of the roll take 2 spoons of Maida and mix it with water into a thick paste consistency.

Step 5: Take one Rice Paper or you can even use spring roll pastry and Spread it on the chopping pad or a plate, Now taking one Corner of the Pastry or the paper and spread the Roll stuffing and now start rolling the pastry tightly by folding both     the opposite ends towards inside the roll so that the stuffing doesn’t come out.

Step 6: Once the roll come to an end seal the end by spreading the maida paste.

Step 7: Make all the reaming Rolls in the same way and keep aside and meanwhile cover your spring rolls with some wet cloth.

Step 8: Now heat oil in a pan for deep fry and once the oil gets heated up fry the rolls in it till it gets golden brown in medium high heat.

Step 9: Remove the rolls and soak it on tissue and Serve hot with Garlic sauce.

 How to Make a Garlic Sauce:

Take Garlic cloves, Cream, Vinegar, Lemon Juice and salt in a blender mix it well then add Oil and mayonnaise and grand it again till all the ingredients are mixed and turned into thick sauce now remove it in a small bowl garnish it with mint leafs.

What to need to make Roll: (15 Rolls)

Ingredients :

  1. Olive Oil 4 tbsps.
  2. Ginger Garlic Paste 2tbsp
  3. Cabbage grated 1 cup
  4. Capsicum grated 1/2 cup
  5. Green Beans chopped 1/2 cup
  6. Onion grated 1cup
  7. Spring Onion 1/2 cup
  8. Fresh Coriander 1/2 Cup
  9. Chili Sauce 1tbsp
  10. Soya Sauce 1 tbsp.
  11. Sesame Seeds Oil 1/2 tbsp.
  12. Vinegar 1tbsp
  13. Hoisin Sauce 1tbsp
  14. Salt to taste
  15. Rice papers 15 pcs

Your Spring Roll and Garlic Sause is Ready

What you need to make Sauce

Ingredients :

  1. 6 garlic Cloves
  2. 1 cup Cream
  3. 1 cup oil Cold
  4. 2 tbsps. Vinegar
  5. 2 tbsps. Lemon juice
  6. 1 tbsp. salt
  7. 2 tbsps. Mayonnaise

Spring Rolls and Garlic Sauce are delicious and Popular Street food in Indian.You can also serve it with Pudina Chutney 

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