Shahi Tukda Recipe / Double Ka Meetha

Shahi Tukda
Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda 

Want something sweet to eat at the time of random get together which is easy to make? Try Hyderabadi delicacy, an inseparable part of the culinary heritage; shahi tukda, also known as double ka meetha. This simple Shahi Tukda recipe is an acclaimed Hyderabadi dessert and a wonderful Eid recipe as well as festive dessert recipe.

It is a scrumptious and in addition indulgent delicacy that can be prepared effortlessly at home without putting in many endeavors. Also, it makes an easy festive recipe which completes a lavish meal or when served with savouries. To make this traditional sweet recipe at home, bread loafs are deeply fried in ghee until they turn crispy and then are topped with dry fruits and condensed milk or rabri. You can add your own particular healthy twist to this delicacy by baking the bread or shallow frying it or by deeply frying it in a healthy way by browning it in a healthy oil substitute or replacing sugar with sugar free or stevia.

Here’s a traditional shahi tukda recipe-

Prep Time: 60 Mins Cooking Time: 35 Mins Servings: 4 to 5

Cuisine type: Mughlai Indian / Cuisine: Dessert

Ingredients for Shahi Tukda

For rabri

  • Full Cream Milk 1-liter
  • Milk powder2 to 3 tablespoon
  • Saffron strands 2-3
  • Cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon
  • Sugar 5 to 3 tablespoon
  • kewra water 1 teaspoon or 1 teaspoon rose water
  • Almonds 4 to 6 sliced
  • Pistachios 4 to 6 sliced

For pan frying bread

  • Ghee 2 to 3 tablespoon
  • Bread 6 to 7 slices

For sugar syrup

  • Water 1/4 cup
  • Sugar 1/2 cup

For Garnishing

  • Almonds 10 to 12 sliced
  • Pistachios 10 to 12 sliced

Process to make Rabri for Shahi Tukda

Step 1

In a saucepan or thick bottomed pan, take 1-liter full cream milk and place it on a medium flame to boil.

Step 2

Once it is boiled, add 2 to 3 tablespoon milk powder. Adding milk powder to milk will lessen the cooking time of rabri. There will be no effect on the taste of rabri. If you don’t add milk powder then you have to cook rabri for some more time.

Step 3

Now, add 2-3 saffron strands and 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder. When you see a layer of cream formed on the top of the milk, remove and mix it again with milk.

Step 4

Keep stirring the milk once you notice it starts thickening. Also, scratch the dried milk from the sides of the pan and add back in the milk. Make sure to stir it continuously and scrape the dried milk often so that it doesn’t get brown or burnt at the bottom and sides as well.

Step 5

Lower the flame, keep stirring and simmering it. Whenever you see a layer of cream or dried milk, remove and add back to the milk.

Step 6

Once the milk is thickened and is half in quantity, turn of the flame.

Step 7

Add 2.5 to 3 tablespoon sugar in it and stir well to dissolve the sugar.

Step 8

In the next step, add a pinch of saffron strands, saffron powder or crushed saffron along with 1 teaspoon kewra water. If you don’t have kewra water, you can use rose water. Kewra essence and rose essence can also be used in place of kewra water. But, if you have added saffron before, skip this step.

Step 9

Now, add 4 to 6 sliced almonds and pistachios in it and keep it aside. While you’re cooking rabri, you can pan fry or deep fry the bread at another side. It will take about 1 hour or more to make rabri. The consistency of rabri will be thick and the texture will be little smooth.

To pan fry the pieces of bread

Step 1

Take 6 to 7 slices of bread, remove the crusts, and cut them into triangle, square or rectangle, whichever shape you want.

Step 2

Place a flat pan or skillet over the medium flame and heat 1 tablespoon of ghee. Once it is hot, lower the flame, and place the bread slices on it to toast.

Step 3

When the downward side of the slice is browned, flip it to toast on the other side. You can flip it once or twice to toast it well till it gets a golden color and is crisp.

Step 4

If there is excess ghee in toasted pieces of bread then place them on a paper towel to drain.

Step 5

Again add 1 tablespoon ghee and toast the remaining pieces of bread and keep them aside.

To make a sugar syrup for shahi tukda

Step 1

In a deep pan, take 1/4 cup of water and add 1/2 cup sugar. Keep it on a low flame and stir it. You can begin with sugar syrup when you start to toast bread.

Step 2

The solution will start to boil. Keep checking to attain one thread consistency. Cook until it reaches there.

Step 3

When one thread consistency is reached, turn off the flame and add a pinch of cardamom powder and stir it well. If the sugar syrup crystalizes before soaking the bread then add 1 tablespoon water and reheat.

To make Shahi Tukda

To make shahi tukda, start by soaking the bread into sugar syrup.

Step 1

When the sugar syrup is hot, dip the toasted slices in the syrup. Do it with the help of tong or spoon, and cover the slice evenly with sugar syrup. For substitute, you can pour the syrup evenly on the bread slices.

Step 2

Place the syrup soaked bread slices on a tray or plate. Now take a spoonful of rabri and pour it on the sugar syrup dipped bread slices.

Step 3

You can garnish it with sliced almonds and pistachios, and can also add silver foil just before serving.

Royal dessert shahi tukda is ready to serve. You can serve it hot, chilled, or at room temperature, this creamy rich dessert dish is an amazing recipe for Eid. It may look difficult to make, but as soon you are done with rabri, more than half of your work is done. You can also prepare rabri a day before a final day to reduce time. With shahi tukda recipe, you’ll never have to worry about during the time shortage in any get together. Shahi tukda is an excellent dessert recipe to serve on the plate on any festival. It is a heavy and a rich dessert which is specially meant for festivities. This simple shahi tukda recipe can be made up in only a couple of minutes to be presented at the dinner table or at any time with some roasted dry fruits and condensed milk.

Tips and Variations

  • Instead of using white bread, you can also use whole wheat bread for health benefits.
  • If you don’t want it much of sugar in the recipe, then do not coat the bread with sugar-syrup.
  • To reduce the calories of the recipe, you can pan fry the bread with 2 tbsp ghee really well till they turn crisp and golden. Or also you can toast the bread carefully.
  • To make rabri with less calorie, you can use sugar-free instead of using refined sugar.
  • Rabri can also be made using condensed milk.
  • Replace traditional rabri with vanilla custard for some variation.
  • You can adjust sweetness is sugar syrup as per your taste.