Recipes Of Indian Sweets and Desserts

    Indian Sweets and Desserts
    Indian Sweets and Desserts

    Recipes Of Indian Sweets and Desserts

    If you are finishing your food without Sweets an Desserts then it’s like you have missed finishing touch.There is a saying ‘Khane Ke Baad Kuch Meetha Ho jaye’ and I am sure you will find sweets and desserts mandatory in every Indian Home.Now when we are taking about Indian Sweets and Desserts Its not only Delicious but also Mouth Watering.I am sure you will mouth watering while see this recipes.,

    Here are Indian Sweets and Desserts

    Kaju Katli Recipe 

    One of the most well known loved and appreciated sweets, the Kaju Katli! Which person doesn’t love a mouthful of our all time favorite Indian dessert. Now you too can learn how to make Kaju Katli for you and your loved ones at home with this very simple Kaju Katli recipe.

    Motichur Laddu Recipe

    A very favorite dessert for most people is Laddus Especially children love to eat it. Motichur Laddu can be easily prepared at home using this simple to follow recipe. Surprise the little ones in your home with this amazing recipe and give them the wonderful treat of your very own home made Motichur Laddu.

    Jalebi Recipe

    As soon as we hear Jalebi, our mouth starts watering. Jalebis are undoubtedly a gift to taste buds from humans. This spiral shaped sweet crunchy delicious Indian sweet is the best breakfast for a human version of ants, basically in North India.

    Gajar Ka Halwa

    I have seen and witnessed that desserts are always the answer. Be it summer or spring, the only distress to your stress is something to sweeten your teeth.
    So today we are ging to learn an easy yet mouth watering recipe for Gajar ka halwa. Because be it kids or adults, who doesn’t love gajar halwa? So take out your pots and pans and get ready to cook up an evergreen, all loving gajar halwa

    Rasmalai Recipe

    Rasmalai is a favourite Indian sweet by miles. A little kid or an adult, everyone is very fond of this delicious sweet. Rasmalai is a Bengali sweet which is so soft and spongy that it dissolves in the mouth as soon as you take its first bite. Well, no one can resist this saffron laced sweet dish.

    Mango Pudding

    Mango Pudding is a common cold dessert recipe which is originated from India during 19th century. The pudding is typically prepared with gelatin or agar with mango cream, sugar puree for the sweet taste. It is a popular mango dessert which is prepared during the mango season or Summer. The dessert can be mixed with vanilla, coffee and strawberry flavors. The common thing which is used for making the mango pudding is agar.

    Moong Dal Halwa

    Indians simply require motivation to set up this sweet pleasure called moong ki dal halwa. As the crisp winters enters through our entryways, the dream of the sweet, rich and warm Moong Dal Halwa torments our hearts. A few spoons of moong dal halwa and a decent night sleep is guaranteed.

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