Paneer Recipes / Indian Paneer Dishes With Step by Step Process

Paneer Recipes
Paneer Recipes

Paneer Dishes are the King of Indian Curries from child to adult everyone love it.When ever party or festive mood Paneer curry with naan or roti is must in main Course specially for vegetarians.

In India more then 200 varieties of paneer dish are available some people like with gravy some like dry.I am sure you will love this dishes we are proving step by step procees to make paneer dishes.

Here We not only see How to cook paneer dishes but also we will learn how to make paneer at home.Making paneer at home is cheaper as well as healthier.

First we will start with How to make Paneer at home and then Paneer recipes

Make Paneer at Home

Now we will see Paneer Recipes

Kaju Paneer Masala 

Kaju Paneer Masala curry is a  nutritious and tasty as well. Kaju Paneer masala curry is one such cuisine that also has the flavour of different spices along with the crunch of Cashews.

Paneer Butter Masala

Laughter is always the brightest where food is the best.” This considered to be an Irish proverb which is of course very much true in most of the cases. This is why we say; to win any man’s heart is through is the stomach. Today, food trends have become more like a technology that is as soon as it arrives there is a 99.9% possibility that it changes within months.It doesn’t take more than an hour to prepare this common recipe. Paneer Butter Masala can be eaten along with roti, paratha or even plain rice or pulao.

Palak Paneer 

Palak Paneer is an essential North Indian dish. The real vegetarian dish prepared by using fresh spinach and cottage cheese.  Just the sides of white paneer cubes peeping throughout the puree of green spinach will surely make your tongue water.  Pureed and blanched spinach is nicely cooked with paneer and selected spices.

Jaipuri Paneer

“On that point is, no sincerer love than the passion of food”- anonymous. Food makes us feel relaxed and most importantly, our minds begin to think of a better way and for this, we don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, we just require good food from fresh ingredients. Paneer Jaipuri is is the master peice of paneer dishes.

Paneer Do Pyaza 

Most Indians just love paneer dishes, especially veg lovers. Paneer or cottage cheese is said to be chicken for veg lovers. Just kidding! Paneer is healthy and rich in protein. Here is a recipe for paneer do pyaza. Paneer do pyaza is delicious spicy paneer cooked in finger-licking masala and onions.

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