Makki di roti


Sarso ka saag with Makki di roti is a typical Punjabis food, so it tastes much tastier if you add butter on the top before eating it. Filled with nutrients, this dish is filled with flavors and mellowness and can be served on a plate for lunch or dinner in winter. Winter simply meant for Sarso ka Saag, makki di roti with a large glass of lassi. Below is the recipe how to make Makki di roti.

Prep Time: 10 Mins Cooking Time: 10 Mins Servings: 3 to 4

Note: All the ingredients needed to make Makki di Roti are mentioned below. Kindly go through the procedure.

How to make Makki di Roti

Step 1: Take 2 cups maize flour (Makki atta) in a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Add water slowly and start kneading until it turns into a ball. The dough will be firm.Place tawa on medium flame and let it heat.

Step 3: Take a small portion of dough and roll it into a disc.Place the disc on tawa, apply few drops of ghee on it, and cook it until it turns brown.

Step 4: Now, apply ghee to another side and flip to cook another side. Cook until roti turns golden brown at both the sides.

Makki di roti is ready. Top it with some ghee or homemade butter before serving it with sarso ka saag. Makki di roti also tastes delicious alone with ghee or homemade butter and garlic chutney. Even, one can eat makki di roti alone with chai and believe us; it will relish your taste buds.

What you need to make  Makki di roti

  • 2 cups makki aata (maize flour)
  • Water
  • 2 to 3 tbsp. ghee

Health Benefits of Makki di roti

Makka aata is gluten-free and much healthier than wheat flour. It is a rich source of zinc, iron, vitamin A, and fiber. If makke di roti is eaten on daily basis, it can help to control blood sugar level, insulin, and lower blood cholesterol.