Curd Rice Recipe

Curd Rice Recipe
Curd Rice

Curd Rice Recipe

Yes, I have brought you the dish today that is something you can cook any day with confidence that family would love it and would savor it in style. Making curd rice isn’t a time taking process. Despite having a couple of variations, none consumes time. Moreover, a little customization can really put you into the category of master chef.

Go whichever part of India, curb and rice are two things can be found in every kitchen. While punjabis have curd rice after the main course, South Indians can have it as a part of main course.So, let’s just have our own curd rice.Curd rice is also know as yogurt rice.

Prep Time: 5 Mins Cooking Time: 20 Mins Servings: 3 to 4

Recipe Type: Main Course / Cuisine: Indian, South Indian / Equipment Used: Pressure Cooker and Frying Pan

Ingredients for Curd Rice

  1. rice 1 cup
  2. 1 cup thick curd ( yogurt)
  3. grated carrot 3 tbsp
  4. grated bottle gourd 3 tbsp
  5. chopped coriander leaves v
  6. oil 2 tbsp

For Seasoning

  1. pomegranate 6 tbsp
  2. sprig curry leaves 1
  3. minced ginger 1 tsp
  4. green or red chilli 2 slit
  5. cumin/ jeera 1 tsp
  6. mustard 1 tsp
  7. urad dal 1 tsp
  8. pinch of hing
  9. salt as needed

Process of making Curd Rice

For this you have to first cook rice

Step 1

Wash rice in a running water for 3 to 4 times and leave it to soak for about 20 minutes in a gown filled with 2 cup of water.Remove the additional water once rice is soaked.

Step 2

Get the pressure cooker out and fill it with 3 cups of water.Pour rice into the pressure cooker, add salt to the taste and stir it well.Close the pressure cooker lid and let it cook for about 7 to 8 minute or for 3 whistles on a medium flame.

Step 3

Let the pressure go off naturally. Open the lid of the pressure cooker.Make sure, rice is a little softer compared to regular rice.

Step 4: Mesh rice up a little with a soft hands with a masher, close the lid of the cooker and let it cool down.

Prepare Seasoning

Step 1

A small pan or a frying pan can do the things for you.Heat the pan on a gas stove for about 2 minutes after pouring 1 or tbsp oil in it.

Step 2

Once oil get real hot, add muster seeds and a pinch of hing(asafoetida) to let it crackle.Add cumin seeds, chipped ginger and red chilli slit to the mixture and sauté it about 30 seconds.Add Urad dal and sauté it until dal turns a little golden brown.

Switch the stove off and let the seasoning cool down.

Final step of making curd rice

Step 1

Its time for finale. Check the rice to know if it is completely cooled down.Add fresh curd in the rice and mix it well to ensure there is no lump in it.

Step 2

Add a little mix and mix it well again with the back of the spoon.Add chopped carrots, and bottle gourd in the rice and mix it well.

Step 3

Spread pomegranate evenly on the curd rice.Add the seasoning the we prepared earlier on the curd rice.Add curry leaves and coriander leaves on the top of curd rice.

Here we go, the curd rice are ready to be served cool.

Tips and Variations

1.) In order to add brown rice to your diet, you can mix both, white and brown rice.

2.) You can even add a fistful of millets or replace brown rice with millets.

3.) To make it more seasoned, you can sauté ginger and curry leaves while tempering.

4.) Use fresh curd, but ensure to have only a basic sourness.

5.) Add a little milk to mild the sour taste of the curd, which may otherwise change the taste.

6.) Depending on the sourness and your taste, you can decide the proportion of milk in curd.

7.) Go for red chilliest instead of green one for kids to easily remove it.

For seasoning you can use cashews too

1.) You can also add raw mango pieces.

2.) Add chopped onion and chopped cucumber for variation.

3.) Mix curd in the rice just before serving.

The Importance of Curd Rice

Hi Guys. Since morning, I have been thinking if our mind can cook as delightful stuff as our kitchen does. I am sure, a woman of the world would be the happiest person on the earth if that happens. However, stuck in a regular kitchen activities, even kitchen defies sometimes, isn’t it?

However, there are certain dishes, the lady of the house can never go wrong about and it hardly matters how many of such dishes you have on your hand. Do not bother if not many, I am going to add at least one to that list today.

Health benefits of Curd

Homemade curd is always better than readymade curd available in the market. It is because, homemade curd is more fermented and is really filled with omega-3 fatty acids, whey protein and the most essential vitamin, B12.

The most important health benefit is related to digestion. Besides, curd helps build bones and plays a critical role in reducing the fat. It takes care of bad cholesterol and boosts immune system as well. Make sure to have curd as a part of the meal almost everyday.

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