Chole Bhature Recipe

Chole Bhature Recipe
Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature Recipe

Food is love, especially for North Indians. May be this is the reason, there is so much in North Indian cuisine that has a unique blend of spices. One such blend is chola bhatura; love of many. chole bhature is basically a Punjabi style breakfast recipe which is now served as lunch and dinner too. Punjabi chole bhature is a kind of food to die for. Chickpeas wrapped in spices and served with hot, soft bhaturas can surely make anyone go drooling. So below we have provided you easy Punjabi chole bhature recipe which you can easily make at home anytime.

Prep Time: 8 Hours Cooking Time: 1 Hour Servings: 4 to 5

Ingredients for Chole Bhature

For Chola

  1. Chola (Chickpeas)400 grams
  2. Pinch of baking soda
  3. turmeric powder 1/2 Tsp.
  4. coriander powder 1 Tsp.
  5. cumin powder 1 Tsp.
  6. red chili powder 1 1/2 Tsp.
  7. chole masala powder 1/2 Tsp.
  8. anardana powder 1 Tsp.
  9. amchur powder 1 Tsp.
  10. Salt to taste
  11. oil 5 tbsp.
  12. cumin seeds 1 Tsp.
  13. cloves 2
  14. cinnamon stick 1-inch
  15. green cardamoms 2
  16. medium onions 2
  17. ginger 1/2-inch
  18. garlic cloves 5-6
  19. 1 green chili
  20. chopped coriander 2 tbsp.

For Bhatura

  1. all-purpose flour 2 cups
  2. yeast 1/2 Tsp.
  3. cumin seeds 1/2 Tsp.
  4. Water to knead
  5. Oil to fry

Note: All the ingredients needed to make chole bhature are mentioned below. Kindly go through the procedure.

Process of making Chola

Step 1

Take 2 cups or 400 grams chick peas (Chola) and soak it overnight or for 7 to 8 hour in water.

Step 2

Drain the water, wash them and transfer soaked Chola in a pressure cooker. Add salt to taste and water. Here, you can also add a pinch of baking soda. Baking soda will help to cook Chola properly.

Step 3

Place the cooker over a medium flame and wait until 10-15 whistles come. This will take approx. 20-30 minutes. Open the cooker and check. Properly cooked chola will easily be mashed by pressing. If Chola is not cooked from the inside, add 1 cup water and re-cook it for another 15 minutes.

Step 4

Then strain the Chola and keep it aside. Meanwhile, you can prepare masala for the Chola.To make masala take 2 medium onions, 1/2-inch ginger, 5-6 garlic cloves and 1 green chili. Grind them to make a smooth paste.

Step 5

Take 2 medium tomatoes and grind them to make a tomato puree.

Step 6

Now, take 5 tbsp. oil in a pan and add 1 Tsp. cumin seeds, 2 cloves, 1-inch cinnamon stick, and 2 green cardamoms. Sauté them for a minute.Add onion paste in it and stir it fry for few minutes until the raw aroma of the paste goes away.

Step 7

Add 1/2 Tsp. turmeric powder, 1 Tsp. coriander powder, 1 Tsp. cumin powder, 1½ red chili powder, 1/2 Tsp. chole masala powder, 1 Tsp. anardana powder, 1 Tsp. amchur powder and salt to taste. Mix all the spices well and sauté them for few minutes on the low flame until oil starts releasing from it.

Step 8

Then add tomato puree and cook it for 5 minutes. Here, you can cook the puree on the low flame with lid closed.

Step 9

Add water as per your gravy requirement. You can also use the boiled chole water to make gravy, but make sure to add salt accordingly in the above process as chola water may also have some salt.

Step 10

Bring the gravy to boil. This will take approx 5 minutes. Till then you can mash the chola slightly. This will help to attain thick gravy.Add boiled chola and mix it well. Close the lid and let it simmer for 8 to 10 minutes.

Step 11

Garnish it with 1 tbsp. chopped coriander leaves, close the lid and after 2 minutes turn off the flame.

Punjabi style chola is ready to serve. Now, let’s make some bhatura.

Process of making Bhatura

Step 1

Take 2 cups all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl. Add a pinch of salt and ½ tsp. cumin seeds in it and mix well it with maida.Add water in it slowly to knead. Dough for bhatura will be soft and little runny.

Step 2

Once the dough is done, take 1/2 Tsp. yeast and dissolve it in water. Now, add yeast water to the dough and mix it well by kneading.Leave it for 2 to 3 hours for fermentation.

Step 3

Once, fermenting occurs dough is ready to make bhaturas.Place a kadhai on a medium flame, add oil to fry bhaturas and heat it.

Step 4

Take small portions of dough and roll it in an oval shape. Carefully, place the bhatura in kadhai and fry it till it turns slightly golden brown, just like puri.

Bhatura is ready to serve with hot delicious chola.

chole bhature is purely North Indian cuisine, specially is loved by folks from Punjab. Punjabis just love this spice blend gravy ad feather-soft bhatura and will happily binge on this food. With this Punjabi bhola bhatura recipe, you’ll never have to be worried about the excess oil absorbed by bhatura we get in restaurants and without any worry can have as much chola bhatura as you can.

Tips and Variations

  • If you do not have yeast then you can use yogurt for fermentation process. To do this, take ½ cup all-purpose flour, add 1/3 cup yogurt and keep it aside for 5 to 6 hours. Later, while kneading dough, add fermented mixture in that and keep it aside for 1 hour.
  • Many add teabags or tea-water in chola to give it a dark color.

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