Cheese Sandwich
Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich is a much loved and tasty recipe that is quick and simple to make. There are different varieties of sandwiches there, but cheese sandwich brings your tongue a delicious and yummy treat.  The fast and simple cheese sandwich requires few minutes to prepare. This dish does not require cooking. Instead of wasting your time on cooking process, you can use different types of cheese. It is vital to note that there are many optional ingredients to make cheese sandwich that includes scrambled egg, fried eggs, cooked meat, mayonnaise, and vegetables.

Preparation Time: 2 mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins
Servings: 2 to 3


NOTE: Ingredients for Cheese Sandwich are mention below Once go through the Recipe before preparing

How to make a tasty cheese sandwich on griddle / Tawa?

1.) Heat the pan and place four slices of buttered bread on it.(If you want you can cut the bread into small pieces )

2.) Grill until it gets pure golden color.(Take care not to burn the bread)

3.) Flip the bread to another side in the pan. Put cheese on hot bread as well as sprinkle dry herbs basil, coriander leaves, rosemary or oregano and chillies and one tsp of crushed pepper

4.) Cover the first bread slice with another piece with a hotter portion of cheese.

5.) Try to maintain medium temperature. Now, you can grill the bread setup until golden color, and Soon cheese start to melt

6.) Once the Cheese is melted and herbs start flavouring, remove from hot pan.Before Serving you can have

Serve Cheese sandwich with tomato sauce or Pudina Chutney. Finally, you can slice your sandwiches before serve.

How to make a grilled sandwich in an oven, toaster or griller?

1.) Smear the softened butter on bread slices before placing the cheese)You can add other required ingredients dried or fresh herbs such as basil, coriander leaves, rosemary or oregano and one tsp of crushed pepper

2.) You can cover as well as toast it by using an oven or toaster

3.) While using an over, you can grill the bread setup in the preheated device at about 220 to 230 degree Celsius. You can prefer wired rack to enjoy best results. This preparation task requires six to seven minutes

You can serve sandwiches warm or hot with Tamota Sause or Pudina Chutney

Main ingredients to make plain cheese sandwich

1.) Four slices bread (whole grain is highly preferable)

2.) Two to four cheese slices / grated cheese if required

3.) Dried or fresh herbs such as basil, coriander leaves, rosemary or oregano

4.) Butter as needed

5.) Half to one tsp of crushed pepper

6.) Half to one tsp of green chillies or red chilli flakes


For making the preparation task simpler, you can use the sandwich maker. This best device not only simplifies the task, but it also provides you with a fantastic chance to make a sandwich for your large family.  You can also use tawa or griddle for making this recipe. It is perfect to make sandwiches on tawa while you strive to make only one to two sandwiches. Dried or fresh herbs, red chilli flakes, any sauce and ground pepper can be utilised for flavouring. This cheese sandwich tastes greater when eaten hot or warm. This post shares a quick plain recipe made with pepper, red chilli flakes, and oregano. Once you make the cheese sandwich, you can choose a suitable plate for serving it in an attractive way. You can place the slices of fresh onion, tomato and lemon on the side on a cheese sandwich. It is optional, so you can use this technique when you desire.

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